Morale is high in the Manchester United camp since the arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the manager, who took over from Jose before Christmas. And the latest tweet from Marcus Rashford proves just that. Not only does it show morale is high, it shows how much Solskjaer is managing to inspire the players. It shows that all the players needed was a voice of confidence in their ears. Something which they didn’t get under the previous regime.

The tweet from Rashford comes following the squad heading to Dubai for some warm-weather training after the 2-0 win to Reading in the FA Cup.

Following one of the training sessions in the red-hot Dubai sun, Rashford posted the picture, which was of himself and team-mates Lingard and Martial being talked to by a crouched down Ole.

Rashford then went on to caption the picture with:

Seconds left.. Becks whipped in a perfect corner. Teddy flicked it on. The rest is history

Obviously referring to Ole’s late winner in the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich. That night United scored two goals in injury time to clinch the famous Treble. As a result, it will forever be remembered in history, as the greatest and most important come-back of all time (At least to us Red Devils it is).

And the fans have absolutely loved it, with the tweet having amassed over 35 thousand retweets and over 140 thousand likes on the photo. These are the sort of numbers that the board and Ed Woodward like to see. And hopefully seeing the positive effect Solskjaer is having on the team and players such as Rashford, could go some way in persuading them to give Solskjaer the full-time job come summer time.

Fans have since been reminiscing about that famous night and recalling where they where the moment Ole scored the winner. Some were in the pub, some in the stands, some had gone to the loo after Teddy scored the first so they could get back before extra-time started. Safe to say they regretted that.

Whether Ole was actually recalling that famous night in the picture remains to be seen. But the tweet shows how much they all look up to Ole, that morale is high under the new boss. And that is good news for all United fans, Ole, The Players and the board. The only people its bad news for is Spurs who we face next off the back of winning 5 on the bounce under the new boss.

Check out some pictures below of the Red’s warm-weather training camp, where they all look in high-spirits. Long may that continue.

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If things stay like this off the field, and the results and good performances keep coming on the pitch, then I can’t see any reason whatsoever why Solskjaer shouldn’t be given the job full-time.

Featured Image by O.Taillon. Displayed under Creative Commons.