Who should get the Manchester United job this summer? Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should, well at least that is my opinion. He’s done everything right so far, he’s won five out of five, he’s got us playing attacking again, he’s re-vitalised certain players, he’s giving the academy players their chance. Its everything us fans have been asking for.

If you’ve been anywhere near Old Trafford this season, you’ll know the feeling around the club hasn’t been great. The fans weren’t looking forward to going to the games, we had big games not selling out. Our clash against Valencia was nowhere near capacity and tickets where even leftover for the game against Arsenal. It wasn’t a good feeling. The players didn’t look happy, the fans didn’t look happy, the manager didn’t look happy.

Solskjaer got the job till summer when he was appointed as caretaker just a few weeks ago on 19th December. He came in, and all the above has changed. The players look happy, they’re performing better, the staff look happier and most importantly the fans are happier, we’re actually enjoying going to the games and looking forward to the next game. There has been a new buzz in Old Trafford, and its very refreshing to see.

Since he’s come in, we’ve won five on the bounce, the footballs been more entertaining, we’ve scored 16 goals, kept two clean sheets. He’s given some of the youngsters their chance. Both Gomes and Chong have both featured so far. Quite a few of the youngsters have also travelled to Dubai with the first-team for their warm weather training. Greenwood, Gomes, Chong and James Garner where all on the plane, which suggests they will all get their chance in the not so distant future.

Giving the youngsters a chance is engrained in our clubs history, its the way we’ve always done it, and it’s the way we should continue. It’s in the ethos of our club and Solskjaer knows that just as attacking football is, which is something Jose was never able to quite grasp, unfortunately.

There has been a lot of names thrown about but main ones have been Pochettino, Zidane and Laurent Blanc. All fine managers, but none are obvious choices, and none completely fulfil what we want. Pochettino, although having done a great job with Spurs, hasn’t won anything, which for me is a great concern, he’s got a great squad currently, and he should at least be looking at winning one of the domestic cups as I can’t see them competing with the likes Man City for the Premier League. Yet, he hasn’t delivered.

Even though he needs a trophy and whether the Tottenham fans admit it or not, they also crave some silverware. Which is why his recent comments about the FA Cup don’t sit right with me. He says that being competitive in the Champions League and Premier League is more important than winning the FA Cup or EFL Cup. 

I wouldn’t be happy as a Spurs fan with just finishing in the top 4 each season, ask the Arsenal fans, they can attest to that. You crave those days at Wembley. Watching your team lift the FA Cup is one of the great memories for many supporters. Winning one trophy can always lead to others and can kickstart the glory days, but he still insists he’d rather finish 3rd in the Prem than win the FA Cup. Why can’t he do both is my question?

Ole, on the other hand, knows how important for FA Cup as, he won it as a player, and hasn’t forgotten that as a manager. He knows how important winning a trophy can be for a team.

The other main name being thrown about is Zidane, who is a footballing legend, he was the finest of players, and so far as a manager, he’s not done too bad either, to say the least. Winning three back to back Champions League’s is just astonishing. He would have you playing attacking football. He could no doubt get our midfield in shape, and if any of them could perform half as good as Zidane once was, then we’d be in for a treat.

That said, he has only had one job in management, and he walked into a Madrid squad that was already one of the best on the world with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Modric and Sergio Ramos in the team. Could he have the same success with the current Manchester United squad is the question many people have. I suppose the only way to find out would be to give him a shot, and between him and Pochettino, he would be my preferred choice, he’s a winner, he’s available, and he could attract world-class players.

That said, my choice would still be Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He’s a club legend, he’s a winner, he learnt from the greatest manager himself Sir Alex, the supporters love him, the players clearly enjoy playing for him, he understands the clubs history and the ethos ingrained in our great club. He will give our brilliant youngsters there shot, something I can’t see the others doing. He’s already proven himself wise by bringing Mike Phelan back into the mix, finally undoing the biggest mistake made by David Moyes. And he’s brought the buzz back to Old Trafford. If you don’t believe me, just watch the video below, this was after the final whistle had gone in the FA Cup 2-0 home win over Reading, and 15 minutes later we were still singing his name.

We have gone for the very experienced or the proven winners, with Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho and none have worked out. These were the men that people wanted. What is to say that going with the most sensible option in Pochettino or in Zidane, that they wouldn’t end up suffering the same fate as the last 3 managers.

Let’s give Solskjaer a shot at it, what do we have to lose?