So who does it better? Mo Salah or Tom Daley? Because in recent weeks Mo Salah has been really honing his diving skills. So much so, he could do a good job at winning synchronized gold with Tom.

First of all, there was the dive against Newcastle which won them a penalty, which somehow went unpunished by the FA. But that’s a whole other conversation on why the FA and the Premier League are so insistent on helping them win it.

He has since won penalties against both Arsenal and Brighton today, which means he has now won 3 penalties in just 4 matches. The incident today against Brighton was also extremely questionable with Salah going down as if Chris Kyle had just shot him with a sniper.

Arsenal fans were also claiming that he dived to win the penalty against them. At least 2 of the 3 penalties shouldn’t have happened and even though they didn’t make a difference to the result in the Newcastle and Arsenal game, it would have today with the penalty proving the difference in a 1-0 win.

Its decisions like this, that is why we need VAR in Premier League and quick. But unfortunately, as it’s the same Refs and the FA sat in the VAR bunker, they’ll probably still be given, due to them doing whatever possible to help them win the Prem.

Klopp seems to be very quick to blame the wind stopping his players from controlling the ball but doesn’t speak about it when it seems to blow Salah over so easily.

But on a plus side, at least Egypt may do well at the diving events at the next Olympics. 

Featured Image by Robert Nunn. Displayed under Creative Commons.